COVID-19 Policy

Festival Entry Line Procedures

  1. Masks must be worn while in line to enter the festival (may be taken off once in your seat).
    • The type of mask is important. The mask must cover your nose and mouth.  We do not recommend bandanas, neck gaiters, or face coverings with valves, mesh or holes of any kind. 
  2. While in line to enter the festival, you and your party must remain at least 6 feet from the next group in front of you.
  3. Everyone entering the festival will be subject to a non-contact thermal temperature reading.  All individuals with a temperature reading greater than 100.4 degrees will be denied entry into the festival.  This is a protocol to protect other patrons at the festival.
  4. While in line, hand sanitation stations will be available to sanitize your hands.  Additional sanitation stations will be available throughout the festival grounds.

General Admission seating area

Due to the Vanport Jazz Festival’s outdoor venue, plenty of space is available to allow adequate social distancing, while still enjoying excellent views of the entertainment stage.

  1. Please keep your mask on until you establish your seat location.
  2. When establishing your seat location, please setup your blanket and/or chairs at least six feet from the next group.
  3. We want you to be able to enjoy the music, food and drinks, so you may remove your mask while seated on your blanket and/or chair. 
  4. It is advised that while walking around the grounds, visiting the restroom, food court or friends, that you wear your mask.
  5. Hand sanitation stations will be available at various locations throughout the general admission area. 

VIP Area

  1. Tables will be distanced at least six feet apart.
  2. In previous years, we’ve allowed 10 people per table.  This year only 8 people are allowed per table, which will allow social distancing between guests.  When purchasing your tickets online, you’ll see that only 8 tickets can be purchased per table.
  3. Masks should be worn while walking around the VIP section, but may be removed while seated at your table.
  4. Two beverage bars will be available for the purchase of refreshments.  There will be six feet social distancing markers while you’re in line. All bar staff will be required to wear masks and sanitation gloves while serving patrons
  5. Multiple sanitation stations will be available.
  6. Musicians “may not” participate in the Artists Meet & Greet with fans this year, for the protection of their health and safety. Artists CD’s will be available for purchase in the merchandise booth.
  7. All covered tented areas will have open sides to allow proper ventilation.
  8. VIP bathrooms will be continually monitored to maintain proper cleanliness and sanitation.


  1. To allow for proper social distancing, a Food Court and Merchandise area will be created on the eastside of the venue
  2. Each food and merchandise vendor booth/cart will be spaced at least six feet apart, to allow proper social distancing for patrons waiting in line.
  3. Vendor staff will be required to wear masks and food serving gloves at all times.
  4. Food vendors are required to follow all state and local food handling policies.
  5. Sanitation stations will be available in all food serving locations.

Beverage Tokens

  1. To reduce the use of cash exchanges at the six bars, patrons are REQUIRED to purchase beverage tokens, which can be used at the available bars.  The use of tokens helps to reduce human exchange of cash, thus improving safety, while also reducing time in lines.  

Water Stations

  1. Water stations will be available this year, but will only provide “bottled water”.  Water may also be purchased at any food vendor

Event Staff

  1. All festival staff and volunteers will be required to wear masks while interfacing with patrons or other staff.
  2. Festival staff will be expected to maintain proper sanitation within the venue.